Robotic Fabrication for COMPAS


Robotic fabrication package for the COMPAS Framework facilitating the planning and execution of robotic fabrication processes. It provides interfaces to existing software libraries and tools available in the field of robotics (e.g. OMPL, ROS) and makes them accessible from within the parametric design environment. The package builds upon COMPAS, an open-source Python-based framework for collaboration and research in architecture, engineering and digital fabrication.

Main features

  • Built on top of standard model description formats

  • Motion planning tools

  • Execution tools

  • CAD-independent

  • Robotic fabrication process modeling

  • Multiple robotic backends (e.g. ROS: Robot Operating System)

COMPAS FAB runs on Python 3.x and IronPython 2.7.


COMPAS FAB is still under very active development, with new versions being released frequently. The interface is not guaranteed to remain stable until the package reaches version 1.0.0.


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