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This is an academic page for teaching materials.


We offer the following courses at our chair:

The Digital in Architecture I - FS20

The Elective Course establishes a conceptual framework of the digital in architecture with special regard to digital and robotic fabrication. Departing from the work of Gramazio Kohler Research, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler presented the digital and its concepts in architecture and current developments in the field of digital fabrication. In two seminars knowledge on design strategies based on digital methods were related to the students’ own design approach and its wider context.

The exercises focused on simple yet powerful methods of digital, computational and algorithmic design as well as digital fabrication techniques. Based on the Brick Bond design examples, the students learned the basics of parametric and algorithmic modelling using Rhino and Grasshopper software. Through 3D printing the designs were realized.

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The Digital in Architecture II - HS20

Subject of the course is Robotic Fabrication in architecture. Through material exploration, basic skills such as robotic control are being taught and applied to a small design and fabrication project. The course teaches how to develop a simple fabrication and material aware digital design process linked to a robotic fabrication procedure.

Students learn to use industrial robots such as the Universal Robot (UR5) and understand basic principles of robotic control. At the end of the course, students are able to translate simple design ideas into robotic fabrication processes, which they can run independently. Furthermore students deepen their skills in Python and Grasshopper, which they have acquired in the course “The Digital in Architecture I”.

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