Access backend GUI

When using Docker or WSL to run backends, there is no visible graphical user interface (GUI). COMPAS FAB aims at making this unnecessary, but if desired, there are two possibilities to open the graphical user interface of a backend.

Visualization over web browser

This is the easiest option, and it is normally only available for backends based on Docker. The display of the backend is forwarded to a container that serves it over a web connection, making it available from your browser.

Not all Docker setups will include this ability, but if they do, it can be accessed easily. Start your browser and go to the following address:


This feature is possible thanks to NoVNC.

Visualization forwarding display

This option allows to forward a display directly to your operating system. However, it is important to note this is not entirely supported in all platforms.

First install an X11 server:

Configure X11 security:

  • On Windows, add your IP address to the file %ProgramFiles(x86)%\XMing\X0.hosts. It needs to be opened as administrator.

  • On Mac, run xhost +local:root. Remember to disable later with xhost -local:root.

Finally, set the DISPLAY variable to point to your X11 server as follows replacing YOUR_IP_ADDRESS with your current IP.

For usage from WSL, set it using the following command:


For usage from Docker, set it adding the following environment variable to the moveit service in the docker-compose.yml file:

- DISPLAY=host.docker.internal:0.0