Grasshopper components

Grasshopper user objects need to be built using COMPAS Github Action componentizer.

  1. Apply your changes to the component source code (src/compas_fab/ghpython/components).

  2. Rebuild them:

    invoke build-ghuser-components --gh-io-folder=<path_to_ghio.dll>
  3. Install them on Rhino/Grasshopper as usual:

    python -m compas_rhino.install

The install step does not copy them, but creates a symlink to the location in which they are built, so after the first installation, it is usually not required to reinstall them, only rebuild them (unless a new component is added).


This step requires IronPython 2.7 to be available on the system, ie. ipy should be callable from the command line. The path to the GH_IO.dll is platform-specific, on Mac it is under the GrasshopperPlugin.rhp of the Rhino app and on Windows is in the Grasshopper folder within the Rhino folder in ProgramFiles.