V-REP is a robotic simulation tool by Coppelia Robotics with an integrated development environment and various programmable interfaces.

In order to use it as a backend for COMPAS FAB, it is possible to download and install it as a normal application (see details below), but it can also be executed as a service inside a container in only a few steps with the added benefit of ensuring repeatability.

Once you made sure Docker is running, you can download and install the V-REP container with the following commands on the command prompt:

docker run --restart=always -p 19997:19997 -d gramaziokohler/vrep-rfl


This container includes a preloaded sample 3D scene. To use a different scene, download the generic container: gramaziokohler/vrep from Docker Hub.


If your operating system does not support running Docker, an alternative is to download V-REP and install it as a normal application.


vrep.py uses remoteApi to communicate with the simulator’s instance. For this purpose, the remoteApi shared library is expected in the same path as this module. The library can be obtained from the installation path of the simulator and has to be copied or symlinked to compas_fab/backends/vrep/remote_api/.

Next Steps