MoveItPlanner.forward_kinematics(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Calculate the robot’s forward kinematic.

  • robot (compas_fab.robots.Robot) – The robot instance for which inverse kinematics is being calculated.

  • configuration (compas_fab.robots.Configuration) – The full configuration to calculate the forward kinematic for. If no full configuration is passed, the zero-joint state for the other configurable joints is assumed.

  • group (str, optional) – Unused parameter.

  • options (dict, optional) – Dictionary containing the following key-value pairs:

    • "base_link": (str) Name of the base link. Defaults to the model’s root link.

    • "link": (str, optional) The name of the link to calculate the forward kinematics for. Defaults to the group’s end effector link. Backwards compatibility note: if there’s no link option, the planner will try also ee_link as fallback before defaulting to the end effector’s link.


Frame – The frame in the world’s coordinate system (WCF).