MoveItPlanner.plan_motion(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Calculates a motion path.

  • robot (compas_fab.robots.Robot) – The robot instance for which the motion plan is being calculated.

  • goal_constraints (list of compas_fab.robots.Constraint) – The goal to be achieved, defined in a set of constraints. Constraints can be very specific, for example defining value domains for each joint, such that the goal configuration is included, or defining a volume in space, to which a specific robot link (e.g. the end-effector) is required to move to.

  • start_configuration (compas_fab.robots.Configuration, optional) – The robot’s full configuration, i.e. values for all configurable joints of the entire robot, at the starting position. Defaults to the all-zero configuration.

  • group (str, optional) – The name of the group to plan for. Defaults to the robot’s main planning group.

  • options (dict, optional) – Dictionary containing the following key-value pairs:

    • "base_link": (str) Name of the base link.

    • "path_constraints": (list of compas_fab.robots.Constraint, optional) Optional constraints that can be imposed along the solution path. Note that path calculation won’t work if the start_configuration violates these constraints. Defaults to None.

    • "planner_id": (str) The name of the algorithm used for path planning. Defaults to 'RRTConnect'.

    • "num_planning_attempts": (int, optional) Normally, if one motion plan is needed, one motion plan is computed. However, for algorithms that use randomization in their execution (like ‘RRT’), it is likely that different planner executions will produce different solutions. Setting this parameter to a value above 1 will run many additional motion plans, and will report the shortest solution as the final result. Defaults to 1.

    • 'allowed_planning_time': (float) The number of seconds allowed to perform the planning. Defaults to 2.

    • "max_velocity_scaling_factor": (float) Defaults to 1.

    • "max_acceleration_scaling_factor": (float) Defaults to 1.

    • "attached_collision_meshes": (list of compas_fab.robots.AttachedCollisionMesh) Defaults to None.


compas_fab.robots.JointTrajectory – The calculated trajectory.